Fitting is so important for a teen, and Invisalign Teen is without doubt becoming the solution that many teens prefer when needing to correct alignment issues. With Invisalign Teen the impact of braces is minimized and most teens want to avoid traditional braces because of the impact of their visibility. Here are some reasons why Invisalign Teen is better than traditional braces :

Better Looks

For a teen, looks are of a great importance and Invisalign Teen certainly exceeds in this area, the aligners are made of a clear plastic material that makes them impossible to be easily detected by other people. This eliminates the embarrassment that some teens may have when they are wearing traditional braces, improving their quality of life significantly.

Added Motivation

Invisalign Teen produces better results faster with the help of small indicators built into the aligners. These indicators reveal if you wear them properly or regularly enough. This increases the cooperation and motivation of the patient.

Better Value

Six free replacement trays are offered by Align Technologies, the makers of Invisalign Teen. This is great if one, or even three, of them is lost.

More Versatile

A wide range of alignment issues, mild as well as severe, can be successfully corrected with Invisalign Teen. The solution is equally effective in all these situations.


With Invisalign teen, fewer visits to the dentist are required compared to wearing traditional braces. There are no necessary emergency visits. That’s good news because no one likes to spend time in the waiting room.

More Freedom
With traditional braces, certain foods may cause problems and discomfort. Candy, chips and nuts must be avoided. You can eat all your favorite snacks with Invisalign Teen, because the aligners can be removed at any time.

Better Health

A good oral health can be maintained with Invisalign Teen, since the aligners can be easily removed when flossing and brushing your teeth.

Good Cost
Invisalign Teen comes with payment plans that are highly flexible. The cost is equivalent to traditional solutions. So you can correct the alignment issues without additional stress on the budget.

Better Safety
With Invisalign Teen, there’s no risk of the irritation inside the mouth from using brackets or wires. The aligners are made from plastic, making it much safer.

Great Simplicity

Teenage lifestyle is marked as a period of increased activity. These activities are important to create a sense of belonging for the teen. Certain sports and musical instruments are difficult to play when wearing traditional braces. When using Invisalign Teen, you can remove the aligner and still be able to perform your favorite activities.



Invisalign Teen has been developed by teenagers, parents and leading orthodontists who understand the active lifestyles and unique treatment needs of teenage patients.
The same technology for Invisalign aligners has been used, teeth can be moved gradually with no need for metal and wires. The particular feature added in Invisalign Teen make them perfect for teenagers who are constantly on the move.