First off, we need to tell you that this guide will only cover how you can improve the COLOR of your teeth and their appearance. But if you have a problem with their shape, then the unique one who can help you right here is your dentist.

But if you don’t have a problem with their shape or angle, then we can help you with these tips. In fact, even if you have that kind of problem and on top of that your teeth have a bad color and appearance, then this article will also help you.

Let’s Talk About This:

Don’t get mad at us, but if your teeth look so ugly then it’s because you have poor and toxic eating habits. Sorry, you won’t win anything by avoiding it. You need to realize there’s something rotten in your eating habits and habits in general, so you need to recognize the problem and do something about it.

If you smoke, then here you have the principal cause. And if you eat lots of sweets and junk food, then here you have another powerful reason on why your teeth look so bad nowadays.

You need to recognize the problem so you can tackle on it. This is going to make you feel bad, but if you don’t recognize the problem, then how are you going to defeat it? It’s simple throwing punches in the dark. You need to face the devil on the face and realize that the unique who has the power to get rid of the habits that are ruining your teeth is you.

So you need to recognize your role and the power you have. Once you do it, everything will be a lot easier.

Taking Action:

2First off, the most important thing is to quit bad habits and fix your diet. These are the fundaments that will guide you to achieve the perfect smile. Without them you will be wandering in the middle of the dark.

Once you have fixed your diet at a 100% or at least in a great measure, then everything will start to get better. You will feel a lot better and that will be reflected on your teeth.

The other thing to note is that you must have a proper oral hygiene. It breaks down into the following:

  1. Brush your teeth after every meal. Do this after every single one.
  2. Always use dental floss, this will remove everything that’s left within your teeth
  3. Use alcohol-free mouth wash. That will help you even more.

As you can see oral hygiene is not so hard, so just apply it every single day and feel better.